Weymouth 2-0 Chippenham | Review

A brilliant gritty and determined display got the Terras through in the FA Cup, dumping Chippenham out in the process. Charlie Davis and Mark Cooper with the goals that sent the Bluebirds back to Wiltshire with their tails between their legs. 36426997724_1a6ac2b647_o.jpg

Jason and Deano returned to the BLS, Jason in the dugout as a player-coach and Dean came on with around 15 minutes to play. Not a good afternoon for Matthews but it is also important to remember the good things he did over the years. Someone else suggested that “if we (Chippenham) got drawn against you lot (Weymouth), we would hammer you!” I would say, that person may well be eating their words right now, as often happens when statements like that are made.

Chippenham were a shadow of the side that romped to the SL title last season and Weymouth were superior on the day. Travers got man of the match with the sponsors but in truth apart from a good save in the first half and coming out to claim some long balls, he didn’t have too much to do! I thought Ben Thomson destroyed and bullied their defenders all day long and I guarantee their number 4 is feeling a bit sore today! It was pleasing to see Coops get on the scoresheet and something tells me he enjoyed that goal a bit on what was appearance 101 for the club. A find achievement indeed.

It’s lovely to be able to enjoy a few 4% session ales in the local after a game like that. They taste so much better after the Terras do the business! Look out for the draw tomorrow. Would love Bridport or Cadbury Heath away personally!

Anyway, whoever it is, bring them on!


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