Weymouth vs St. Ives Town | Match Preview

Josh Barton |

So after a long wait and a good pre-season, the real stuff is back! Today, Mark Molesley’s Terras return to league action, with the first game of the season at the BLS against St. Ives.

The preparation seems to have been very good. The players seem ready. The management seem ready. There is also a real sense of a buzz amongst supporters for this particular campaign. It’s a new start in terms of a new manager and a new management team, we have new players mixed with a few we have seen before. Calvin seems in as good as spirits as ever trying to wind everyone up by ripping them for everything! If pre-season is anything to go by then things look very promising but let’s not get carried away. As Mark said, the proof will be in the pudding.

By the way, doesn’t Dave Tune look beautiful..


I don’t think the players we have are the sort that are going to believe their own hype if things are going well, equally, they don’t come across as the sort that will get downbeat about defeats. The manager has used the words work and ethic and attitude a lot, these attributes will be vitally important should we be successful. In Brandon Goodship, I believe we have signed a goal scorer, something we didn’t have last season, until Stuart Fleetwood signed.

Tomorrow will be a tough start. Many supporters will look at it as a win which is dangerous. The team will have to go out there and do the business!

Room to be optimistic! Let’s see what this season brings us. One thing is for certain, it won’t be boring if Weymouth FC have anything to do with it!

Our latest podcast “I’ve got jaundice” is out and ready for your listening ears.


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