Weymouth FC: Best Kits

Ben Carter| 

As you are all aware, some of Weymouth’s previous kits have been both questionable and delightful. So in this short series I will be providing you with my top 5 kits of the Terras past.  Starting today with what I believe are our 4th and 5th best shirts!

Coming in at 5th position is the 1996-1998 shirt. Admittedly, this was before my time so I never got to see the shirt worn in a competitive match however I certainly am an admirer of this kit for several reasons. Such as this was the first of several Weymouth shirts to have claret and blue stripes running down the body.  In addition to this, this kit was the first to be sponsored by Park Engineering who we are all aware sponsored several shirts after this. As you can tell, this shirt really did have a great impact on future designs for the club and sparked a sponsorship deal which has featured on 15 of the Terras shirts since!

weymouth 1996-1998
Here is the 1996-1998 shirt



In 4th place is the 2007/2008 home shirt in which we saw players such as Trevor Challis and Stuart Beavon wear week in week out in the Blue Square Premier. In addition to this shirt’s  aesthetically pleasing appearance, this was in fact that the first Weymouth FC shirt that I owned! With both of these taken into consideration there is no surprise that this shirt receives a very respectable 4th on my list!


WEYMOUTH 2007-2008
Weymouth FC Home shirt 2007-08


(Please remember this is purely opinion based and you are more than welcome to  disagree with any of my rankings!)


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